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Ultimate Moving List

Movers with boxes

There is no doubt that planning a move can be stressful. Professional Organizers like me can help ease the pressure by supporting you with the most difficult and time-consuming tasks. Below you will find a list to help plan your next move.

  • Sort & cull This step can save you money. Declutter your belongings beforeyou pack to move fewer items to your new home. Less stuff means lower moving costs. ClutterLess Living can help you move only the belongings that are needed and/or bring you joy.

  • Removal of unnecessary items You can sell old belongings online, in an auction to antique shops or through garage sales. You can also donate to various charities by dropping off or organizing a pick up. There will be junk as well that may need to be hauled away or dropped off before you move.

  • Book movers OR enlist your friends’ support

  • Booking movers requires meeting with them to sort out the details of your move, setting up dates, supplies, truck details and team size.

  • If you choose to do it yourself, get a team of friends organized and buy supplies early (different size boxes - general, book, wardrobes, art/picture boxes, tape and tape gun, markers/labels, paper/stuffing)

  • Book cleaning and other services Schedule a cleaning of your current – and new – homes, or you can do it yourself. Other services you may consider include art hanging, home theatre installation and TV hanging, furniture assembly, as well as computer and other electronic set up.

  • Remember your utilities Be sure to book both your connection and disconnection at the same time to reduce repetition (think gas, electricity, water, cable, Wi-Fi, phone, etc).

  • Child and animal care Be sure to arrange care for your pets (a pet sitter or kennel) and children (day camps, sitters, playdates, etc.) so you can focus on your moving day.

  • Address changes Banks, insurance companies, government, and employers all need to have your new information promptly to reduce future stress. You may also want to change your address with anyone who sends you things regularly (Amazon deliveries, food deliveries, magazine subscriptions). Contact Canada Post to set up forwarding address services to assist as mail comes in.

  • Pack Pack slowly or in one giant push, whatever you prefer. Once sorted and culled, it should be easier to put like items together and label to put in your new home. Label in two steps – first for the room it will go in and second the type of items in the box. If there are key things you will need right away, label them “OPEN FIRST”. Proper labeling will make the move swift and do away with the guessing game of where to put boxes.

  • Move Even if you are working with professional movers you should plan to be around to help guide and answer any questions. Having someone present helps move things along. At your new home, you can make sure they’re minding your labels and guide the furniture placement, so there is less moving by you after the fact. If there are multiple bedrooms in your new home, label each door with tape so that the movers can put the boxes in their proper place.

  • Unpack & organize your new home In my opinion, unpacking should be done by room – starting with the bedroom (so that when you are exhausted at least your room is ready for you), then a bathroom, next the kitchen and then move along through your home. Stay on task and focused – but take breaks to drink lots of water and eat. Organizing comes into play as you unpack. Unpack all the kitchen boxes so you can take inventory of what you have and the cupboard space you are working with.

  • Stock the refrigerator Before grocery shopping think about the life you want in your new home and how food will play a role in that life. Whether it is about using whole foods or organic, choosing to be vegan or having more vegetarian meals. A new home can allow you the fresh start to consider that lifestyle before your first grocery shop!

As a professional organizer, I can guide you through the list above. This frees up your time to look forward to the new change and enjoy your home rather than focus on stress of the move.

Contact me at to discuss your next move.

About the Author: Randeep St. Jacques is a Certified KonMari Consultant on the North Shore and a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada. She is passionate about organizing for clients that are looking to reduce their clutter and organize their lives.


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