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It’s tax time and some of you may be dreading the thought of having to collect all your paper to sort through what you need. Here are some steps to follow.

Step One: Set a timer for one hour and turn off all distractions.

It is important to give your undivided attention to this category, the less distractions you have the quicker you can power through. It is also reassuring to know you are only devoting 1 hour to the process, the end is always in site.

Step Two: Take 5 minutes to collect all your paper from around the house.

This step can bog down the process if you start to collect old receipts from the bottom of dresser drawers. This organization technique is meant to sort the top level visible papers that weigh you down from initiating the decluttering process, we are not pulling out all the old tax files and operations manuals. Collect all paper on counters, kitchen tables, dressers, floors and in the overflowing inbox!

Step Three – Take another 5 minutes to label files.

If you currently don’t have a filing system, keep it very simple. Create a file for

  • Each family member – kids artwork can go into their file

  • School – keep all pertinent school papers and forms here

  • Bills – include all your bills, service invoices and receipts you are keeping for big purchases

  • Important Stuff – this is the miscellaneous stuff that needs a home; insurance papers, mortgage information, property taxes, work benefits, etc.

  • Taxes – all your tax papers get added into this file.

Step Four – Take 40 minutes to do a SPEED Sort.

Do not take time to look through the details of everything, just sort into the files and be sure to have a recycle bin close by to get rid of envelopes, outdated magazines, flyers, old school papers, etc.

Step Five – Take 5 minutes to write on tax file.

On your tax file write the documents you still need, this will help you check off items and know when you are ready to file!

Step Six – Take 5 minutes to put the files away.

Kids art files can be stored on a shelf in their rooms, the rest can be in a cabinet or somewhere handy for when you need the information.

Work through your paper with ClutterLess Living, book an appointment today!

About the Author: Randeep St. Jacques is a Certified KonMari Consultant on the North Shore and a member of the Professional Organizers of Canada, she is passionate about organizing for clients that are looking to reduce their clutter and organize their lives.

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