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Intent of ClutterLess Living

Chess Game Showing Intent

Intent as a noun means “purpose,” and as an adjective it is defined as “showing eager attention.” When it comes to our individual ClutterLess Living, we should all be intentional in the way that we tidy, purchase belongings and in our overall daily living. But how exactly do we do that? Let’s explore these ideas.


1. Intentional Tidying

Once you decide to start tidying your home you should first create some goals of what you want to accomplish. Have an overall ideal vision with smaller milestones for each tidying session. These goals can be to have clear countertops or to have all your belongings readily available for enjoyment. Goals help you determine whether your tidying session met your expectations and can create stronger determination and desire to continue. Without goals, you may feel less accomplishment after each session, especially when there’s a lot to declutter.

Kitchen Drawer with Labels

You should also be intentional about limiting your focus to specific categories each session. Tidying by category helps you understand the full extent of how much you have in that category, and also how much space you need to allot as you bring order to those belongings.

2. Intentional Purchasing

Understanding the why behind each purchase allows you to understand the use for the item as well as the length of time you intend on owning it. A Halloween costume versus a sundress have unique purposes in your life. Each one is meant to be worn, however one is for a day while the other can be for a season.

Once you are aware of the purpose of your purchases you can give eager attention to understanding what you want to spend, how you want to spend and where you want to spend your money to buy it. Halloween costumes can be purchased used due to their one-time use, you can order clothes online if shopping time is unattainable, and you can look at local, ethical retailers if you are concerned about the environment. The thought is to give attention to your purchases because they are items that will be in your home and you should feel pride in them when you enjoy them.

3. Intentional Living

Having an ideal vision of your home can also create space to have a more defined ideal vision of your life. The things you want to enjoy organized in your home will help you develop new ways to enjoy your home and belongings. If you enjoy entertaining, having your glassware organized and accessible will make it easier to host guests on a whim. If you enjoy staying home and watching movies, having your media room de-cluttered and cozy will make those nights in more pleasurable.


Practice intent in all your daily activities and ClutterLess Living will follow. Once you are ClutterLess Living, you’ll find you’re finally able to give attention to the important parts of your life that bring you the most joy and happiness.

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