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Sharon's First Thoughts

Randeep and I have started my full-home decluttering process and while we are only partway through, I feel comfortable writing a testimonial about her work ethic, professionalism and her application of the Kondo philosophy.

As I have said aloud to several friends as I work through this process, Randeep has the perfect personality to be a professional organizer. She is sensitive and perceptive to your specific needs and goals, but just the right amount of holding firm on getting you to face your clutter challenges and push through to find your clearer, cleaner space.

As someone who is only partway through, I have been surprised at the positive psychological effects on my daily life already. It is true that clear spaces provide sanctuary for one to think more clearly about how one wants to see their life and environment take shape. I am finding it easier to envision returning to work after my two children start full-day school, and also finding it easier to streamline household processes such as laundry and house-cleaning.

I would highly recommend Randeep to anyone who wants a cheerful, motivating and empathic presence as you clear out the spaces in your house with the dual goals of decluttering your home and making room for personal growth and self-concept clarity.

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