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Create ClutterLess Living at Any Stage

At ClutterLess Living, finding organizing solutions is a process that focuses on the items that bring you joy (KonMari Method) and how to functionally display or store them in your home. It incorporates recycling, reselling, and regifting all to enhance your personal comfort within your space.


I recognize that no two clients have the same needs or organizing styles. Clutter challenges differ according to life stage, the unique individuals living in your home, and what sorts of things you enjoy doing at home. 

At first we discuss:

  • your personal goals

  • your space, and 

  • together we build a plan based on your time and budget.


KonMari Enthusiasts

Have you read the book "The Magical Art of Tidying Up" or watched the Netflix show "Tidying up with Marie Kondo" and want to start your own journey to joy?


As a Certified KonMari consultant I support your journey by providing you with direction, focus, energy and drive. Together we build a timeline and plan that works for your life and budget. 

Afterwards, you will have an organized home that is filled with items that spark joy for you and you will have more intent on purchases moving forward. 

Moving from one home to another can be very stressful for most. 

As a professional organizer, I can help manage your move by booking and organizing the services needed. Prior to that I help you by focusing on your belongings - decreasing to what you love and want to take to your new home. This saves you money by not storing or moving the items. 

I will work alongside you to create a sorting arena that allows you to keep the items that bring you happiness, regift items to other family members, resell items of value, and recycle those possessions that have served you well but have no place in building your new home.

In your new home, I help create an organized space that works best for you. 


Families with young children generally need support in sorting and organizing books, toys, clothes and craft supplies. I work with you to create homes for belongings and seamless tidying-up.


Families with teens have a unique set of challenges. We'll give them ample personal space and a place to store accessories, gear, laundry, and toiletries!

In both scenarios, I focus on the KonMari Method of what sparks joy and is relevant in the ideal vision of the life you want. This helps create the best storage and organization for each individual.

Families with Children

Looking for Help

Sometimes possessions take over and overrun our spaces. We keep objects for “someday” usage or we believe our stuff is too important to part with. I will work with you to understand your connection to items, help you sort them into categories so you can fully comprehend how much you have, and then work with you to cull what does not bring you joy.


We'll get to what is truly important and regift/resell/recycle or reduce in the best ways for you.

Sometimes this is only in specific areas of our home (i.e. garages) or for specific categories within our space (i.e. paper). I help you create the best process for these areas based on your individual needs and focusing on what brings you joy.

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